6 Link Building Tips You Need to Practice in 2019


It’s 2019—the year for better link building. If your 2018 link building didn’t hit the mark, it’s time to keep pushing through 2019 with next-level skills.

Even amateur digital marketers and Australian brand owners who are trying their hands on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) know for a fact that good link building results in higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The More Links the Better

According to Search Insights’ SEO specialists, a website that has hundreds of quality backlinks has better leverage in earning the top spots in the SERPs. So if you want your site to rank higher, you’ve got to go the extra mile to earn more backlinks.

It is no secret that websites with a ton of quality backlinks have the edge, but the question is: how can you get those links?

Do These Things If You Want Those Quality Backlinks

If you own an e-commerce site that targets Australian consumers, then we have prepared a list of things you should do to acquire those oh-so-sweet backlinks. We spoke to some of the SEO specialists at our Sydney office and here’s what they have to say:

  1. Produce list content.

There are several reasons why ‘listicles’ or list articles grab the attention of readers more than other ordinary content. For one, listicles are easier to read and are almost always share-worthy. Searchers who look for specific products may search for the ones that give them the best bang for the buck. Let’s say a searcher is planning to buy a smartphone, he or she will most likely search for the best ones within his or her budget range.

Google users have evolved through time; they know what to look for and how to look for it using the search engine. Consumers with the intention to shop online do research about the products they’re intending to buy. So if you have content that features a list, it is more likely to be clicked and read by your target audience.

writing up blog

  1. Blog for other sites.

Guest blogging has been one of the more established and effective ways to get quality backlinks. While it is perfectly fine to use your own site as an avenue for your content, it is also a good practice to guest blog for other sites as you will be exposed to wider audiences while promoting your site. Our team of experienced marketers contends that guest blogging allows writers to promote their sites for free.

However, before you dive into the world of guest blogging, make sure that you pick the sites well. Don’t waste your time writing for blogs and sites that are not considered to be authoritative. Since you’ll be consuming a few hours writing quality content, you might as well choose a site that has good SERP ranking.

writing testimonial

  1. Write testimonials for other companies.

This trick isn’t really talked about much in SEO circles because it is a quite unique and novel idea. Basically, you write a testimonial for the companies whose products you use. Ask the company if you can write a positive testimonial or review on their site in exchange for allowing you to drop a backlink to your site.

There’s a good chance that Google will treat the backlinks you wrote in the testimonials as quality links, especially if the site has good ranking in the SERP. However, make sure that you don’t overdo things as it may cause your site more harm than good. Don’t spam sites with testimonials containing your site’s link.

  1. Include influencers’ name in your content.

We mentioned in one of our previous blog posts that influencer marketing works. While you will not be directly working with influencers in this tip, you can somehow ride top experts’ coattails. How? Drop big names in your content. Readers have the tendency to trust blogs that mention familiar names, and when that happens you give your site a boost in the authority department.

Another reason why you should mention names of influencers in your blog is to get the attention of these experts. If your business is selling cosmetic products, tagging local make-up influencers in your blog may help your site get recognised by that person. If so, there’s a good chance that your blog will be shared or featured by the influencer, helping you get that much-anticipated quality backlink.

clicking on social media

  1. Make sure your social links are correct.

Social media profiles are a great source of quality backlinks. Don’t spoil your chances of getting quality backlinks from social. Make sure all your links are correct and lead to your site. You might think that this doesn’t happen in real life, but believe us, it really happens! Search Insights had a couple of these cases before. When our specialists did a site audit on the sites, they found out that the links from social have incorrect spellings, which makes them dead links.

Right after finishing this blog, do go to your social profiles and test all the links, ensuring that all of them are leading to your site. If you find an incorrect URL, go to the social site’s settings tab and correct it.

  1. Produce infographics.

The truth is not everyone is a fan of reading long content; there will be people who just skim through the article and skip to the next one in a heartbeat. To cater to such readers, you would want to create and publish well-researched, interesting, and appealing infographics.

Infographics are a good source of information and are almost always share-worthy. However, make sure that when you produce infographics, all the details you provide are accurate and that the topic is relevant to your brand. If you own a baby product brand, your infographics should catch the interest of parents. For example, you can cover topics related to newborn survival kits or baby feeding do’s and don’ts.

Getting quality backlinks isn’t a piece of cake—it requires some legwork, time, and 110% of patience. However, it is not impossible to pull off. Just follow the tips we provided above and you’ll be off to a good start.

If you want to know more about the insights of our SEO specialists and marketers, give us a call and we’ll help you determine how your site could improve its ranking on Google.

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