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Messenger Marketing- Using Bots To Increase Your Revenue


Better customer service

The dawn of technology to make things a little easier also became a breakthrough for omnichannel servicing. Messenger marketing across platforms such as Facebook and website live chat is slowly dominating the customer servicing space. In fact, surveys from the US revealed that 37% of Americans would opt out to use a chatbot to get a quick response in case of an emergency.

This is why messenger marketing is becoming a brand new way of upscaling your brand’s revenue. It is an undeniable truth that messenger marketing holds an integral part of marketing’s future. In fact, Business Insider reported that 67% of consumers across the globe use a chatbot for optimal customer support back in 2018.

Soon enough, the days when you’ll have to wait for long telephone ques and a 24-hour late email response will be gone- thanks to chatbots providing you assistance on demand.

But hey, what do chatbots offer brands?

1. Better customer service.

Hold up.

What I’m about to tell you next will literally blow your mind.

In research conducted by Mindbrowser back in 2017, 95% of consumers believe that  “customer service” will be the major benefit of using chatbots.

This is why more and more brands try to incorporate chatbots into their multi-channel servicing strategies. Brands are getting smarter in helping their move to the next stage of their funnel- boosting their purchasing intent.

Ubisend also found out that 45.8% of consumers choose to communicate with a brand through their messaging app than waiting on hours to get an email response. Undeniably, live chats help you keep in touch with your customers in a faster, more convenient way.

Making purchases easier.

2. Making purchases easier.

47% of consumers would opt to buy items from a chatbot. This makes everything easy for customers that need a quick purchase, instead of logging into respective business sites.  Chatbots offer a more interactive way of helping customers decide what to buy, with checking out made easier.

3. Human-like interaction.

Customers opt to use chatbots for convenience and accuracy. The ability of bots to keep up with discourse in a natural, human-like way makes it an ideal way to streamline customer service and marketing.

Truth be told, 55% of customers do not really care whether they are speaking with a chatbot or a real human, long as they get the help they needed.

4. Unbeatable ROI

Research from Juniper found out that chatbots could save businesses a staggering amount of $6 billion dollars a year. The average time brands can save with the use of the chatbot compared to a traditional call center query handling is 4 minutes. Imagine how big the potential impact is on different lines of businesses, and the overall customer experience. Chatbot makes customer fulfillment transpire in a whim!

Time is an unbeatable capital, and having chatbots to save you a copious amount of time definitely helps you and your customers perform higher-priority tasks. In fact, PwC’s survey reported that 34% of executives thank chatbots for freeing some of their time so they could focus on deep thinking and creating valuable business processes.

5. Always on, 24/7

HubSpot’s survey revealed that 57% of consumers are interested in using chatbots for their quick response and instantaneity. Meanwhile, 48% of these consumers would rather connect with a brand with the help of a live chat instead of other forms of contact.

With messenger marketing slowly dominating the world of customer servicing and sales, customers are now enjoying the convenience these bots offer. Who doesn’t want instant replies and help-yourself service?

Messenger marketing clearly is the future of customer interactions. In fact, surveys have shown that 80% of brands will opt to use chatbots this 2020. So, if you want to save up tons of time for your customers, and you as an entrepreneur, stop being left behind.

“Where should I start?”, you ask?

Here are some of the pain points most brands struggle to resolve:

– How can your customers find information from your company, such as your hotline number or the best email to reach you?
– How can your customers have the easiest checkout?
– Is your customer pain points different across all channels? If yes, what best can you do resolve them?
– How can you reduce the number of steps in each touchpoint?

You can build a hypothesis regarding these pain points and get help from the people within your organization on how to address it.

Keep in mind that customers prefer to have a more personalized interaction with your brand. The more specific the help they get, the more they trust your brand’s credibility.

Messenger Marketing

Personalize your entire customer journey

Your bot can function in many different ways, all to improve your customer touchpoints.

How Can Bots Win Your Game In Multi-Channel Servicing?

Bots can help you with establishing your credibility after your very first touchpoint with your customer. It can be answering their Facebook messages, popping up for a live chat help or just simply a built-in chatbot for website visitors.

There are actually so many ways chatbots can help you come up with the best results in your customer’s first ever interaction with the company.

Increasing email open rates

MailChimp’s research cited that the average open rates for emails are around 15%-26% with clickthrough rates being as poor as around 2%-5%. This might be a huge bump along the road if you are trying to market your products or services, as this cannot give you the traction you needed.

Luckily, messsenger offers a quick way to deliver your message while your customers are on the go. 2016 E-mail Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study found out that messenger opens amount to a whopping 98%! This unimaginable open rate can be even more intriguing, as messenger marketing brings 12 times higher clickthrough rates.

The best way to take advantage of your bots? Try creating a CTA for your email to engage with your chatbot. You can always put something like “Free Shipping for Purchases Worth $50”, or maybe “Claim Your Coupon and Get 10% OFF”.

Using Chatbots for Facebook and Social Platforms

Enough of the Facebook ads that direct to your website or your e-commerce store. Run an ad connecting people to your customer service bot and get the cash coming in. Run an ad and use a CTA like “chat now and get 10% OFF” or “chat now and get FREE shipping”, This keeps you engaged to your customers in a more personal level. Forget about the old-school, hard-sell CTA’s such as “Buy Now” or “Shop Now”. It’s time to use friendliness to your advantage.

Bots giving ideas

It is important to note that 84% of consumers are annoyed if the agent attending to their needs does not have the viable information they want. This is why bots came to the rescue, to provide relevant information in the quickest way possible.

Take it from the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Jack Ma’s empire developed a customized chatbot concierge that they simply put us “the most helpful store assistant” out there. This bot synthesizes customer information and makes useful recommendations for it.

For example, a customer uploads a picture of a broken HEPA filter for their electronic vacuum. This bot suggests where to buy these parts, or what other vacuums should the customer try- based on the data presented. Think of it like a virtual best friend, not just some sort of voice-recognizing assistant.

At the end of the day, it’s not what you sell to your customers. It’s how you keep interacting with them.

Bots becoming brand-savers

Imagine this, 67% of escalated social interactions and customer complaints go back to their source of origin. How frustrating can that be to your customers?

Customers choose to trust you or leave you based on the experience they’ve had with your service. If they get a nasty response from your CSRs or your bots just couldn’t help them, you might as well expect to lose a sale and to lose a valuable supporter.

So many businesses fail to ignore this truth- it is 6-7 times much more expensive for brands to attract new and fresh customers than retain existing ones. So, if you hate the bittersweet goodbyes of losing your customers, you better watch out on your omnichannel servicing.

This is why bots can be your brand-saver. You can always fine-tune your customer experience through monopolizing on making your bots to be much more interactive. The diverse need of your customers can be just about anything- helping them with the size chart, refund policies, keeping them updated with your store release and sales.


Messenger marketing is the future of sales. While there are only 12% of companies able to upsell or cross-sell to new or existing customers, empowering your messenger marketing helps you boost your conversions better than any other marketing platform. With its ease of use, instantaneity, and up-to-date features, chatbots offer a revolutionary way of keeping your brand relevant to your consumers.

Keep in mind that 67% of customer churn is highly preventable if the customer issue has been resolved through the first touchpoint of engagement. Apart from effective, personalized marketing, your bots help you fine-tune your customer servicing strategies.

What are you waiting for? Start knowing who your customers are and improve your bots!

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