Sure-Fire Ways To Get Your Social Media Content The Best Engagements


From Kylie Jenner to the egg that took over Instagram, social media marketing is one of the most underrated tools to market your business and too many brands end up squandering the opportunity to establish better social capital. However ignored, 50% of business who used social media as part of their content marketing strategies claimed they have succeeded in increasing their conversions.

If you are thinking of ignoring social media as a form of customer outreach, keep in mind that 79% of social media time is spent on mobile. This means that mobile is the best way to reach out to your potential customers and establish your digital footprint.

Many of today’s digital marketers spend thousands on generating Google Ads and search engine optimisation (SEO) but end up struggling to hit the numbers. Part of the problem is that these marketers only apply the generalized best practices without understanding their target market. This is why social media marketing needs a more personalized approach for every brand.

We’ve put together a list of proven and data-driven ways to boost your social media marketing efforts for your brand to utilize.

1. Find the Best Time to Post Your Content for Maximum Visibility

Think of an artist touring across the globe. Do you think an artist would like to play in a location with fewer fans over an area where he could fill an entire stadium? Of course not!

And this is why you should find the best time to publish your content – when everybody else is online and ready to read your curated content. Algorithms for Facebook and Instagram show users’ content is synchronized based on their interest priority. Managing to post at the right time, overlapping with your audience demographic will surely give you a competitive edge.

If you can’t seem to find your peak posting times, try uploading content during times of the day where your target audience is most active. This can be lunchtime or the time of day everybody’s home from work. An initial surge of engagement through plugging in your content across social media channels can give your content the momentum it needs to push it towards the top of more users’ feed, helping your content extend its organic lifespan.

While 60% of business find it hard to come up with a sound content strategy, you can always opt to spin this content and use it as a compounding post. This makes your content evergreen.

Want to ensure that your content gets the maximum visibility? Here at Search Insights, we use online software like Iconosquare to track our clients’ analytics, informing our social strategies.

93% of marketers use Facebook for social advertising. In fact, a study from Sprout Social found out that the best times to post on Facebook are Wednesday noon at around 2 in the afternoon. Thursdays at around 1 and 2 pm. Find your best posting time today to increase your organic growth.

2.  Find the Right Posting Frequency for your Audience

Finding out how frequently you should update your social media channels is just as important as knowing when you should put up your content.

In research conducted by HubSpot back in 2015, it is revealed that B2B companies who blog around 11 times a month enjoyed almost 3 times more traffic than those publishing content once a month (or not at all). This proves that the more valuable content you publish, the better chances

Meanwhile, B2B brands that successfully published 16 and above blog posts a month generated about 4.5 more traffic than blogs who’ve only published four to five times every single month. While this might not work with your type of audience, it’s acceptable to try your best to come up with more engaging content. This makes it a perfect way to keep up with your community while boosting your inbound traffic, and your SERP ranking.

3.  Create Curated and Specifically-Targeted Content for Your Audience

To see the results improve, the best you can do is create a more targeted and relevant content using the appropriate keywords matching your audience search intent. You would not be able to grow your following without working on improving your audience’s engagement to your content. For you to create that connection with your audience, it is best to understand who your current followers are, their interests and what they want to see from your content.

Our advanced analytics software at our disposal allows us to find out a vast array of information to help your brand grow. Your customer’s gender, location, and languages spoken can also be divulged with such tools. This helps you design your content to appeal to everyone reading it, according to their interests. Our social team here at Search Insights is made up of experienced specialists who can help you create the most effective strategy possible, using advanced analytics to help your brand skyrocket.

4. Benchmark from Your Competitors

In the digital marketing world, poaching your competitor’s strategies is a free-for-all. It’s actually a smart move to keep yourself updated on the content doing well in your industry so you can get ideas for your own. Our social media team can help give you access to sophisticated analytic software so you can understand your brand’s and your competitor’s online following. This makes it easy for you to see your edge and your overall performance compared to competing brands.

65% of businesses are struggling to produce engaging content, and this might be one of the cases why other brands do not publish content frequently. Meanwhile, 62% of brands don’t know how to properly measure the ROI of their campaigns.

Looking at your competitor’s content will help you determine strategies that work for your brand. Also, you can find unique points about yours and highlight them to stand out. What formula are they using on their content? PAS? AIDA? Do they have a better response rate on customer inquiries on their social media channels? Do they publish IG stories and Facebook posts daily?

This helps you unlock new ways to rule out the game.

Final Takeaways

Most brands benefit from creating Facebook groups, immensely airing Facebook Lives, while others stick to pages growing their organic following.

While content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search advertising, putting up created content to entice your audience helps you generate quality engagements.

Each audience for every industry is different and tailor-fitting your social media marketing strategies works wonders to polish your digital footprint. Continue testing your content to different publishing dates, demographics and approaches. Whichever makes the most impact, will be a great investment of your time and your ideas.

However, the best possible thing you can do for your brand is of course to have the assistance of social media marketing professionals, such as ours here at Search Insights. Contact us today to organise a consultation for tailored advice on what your brand can do to improve its online following.

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