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Using data-backed SEO we can ensure that your eCommerce store is appearing in your customer’s search results.


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We work with great companies of all shapes and sizes.

As a leading and trusted digital marketing agency, our goal is to provide services geared to achieve top-level rankings for e-Commerce sites, we employ advanced data analysis to build authority, boost rank and extend visibility across all search results. Bring more traffic to your site, increase sales and create greater brand awareness for your business.


Find Customers

Our audience research discovers your target customers using search patterns social behaviour and purchase intent.


Optimise to be found

We identify and eliminate barriers to achieving rankings before developing a roadmap for site structure, code and content enhancements on your site.


Amplify through links

Digital PR that uses advanced technology to identify key influencers and develop authoritative, relevant and timely links.

Search Insights v.s. Agencies

Search Insights
All pages optimised across the entire site
High-quality link building campaign to deliver results 
No hidden or additional costs. For instance, development costs included. Once we have CMS access we will implement changes directly (no delays, straight to execution)
Monthly product optimisation to ensure all products are optimised, including any value ads to improve CTR performance
Specialists in eCommerce 
Revenue focused KPIs
A high client retention rate
Other Agencies
Optimising only a select number of pages or focusing on a select number of “keywords.” 
Act as consultants and don’t implement anything.
Don’t link build or do very minimal link building. This is important because once the site is optimised and technically sound, most growth will come from acquiring links.
No monthly product optimisation for eCommerce stores; only focus on optimising a selected number of collections and categories.
Operate a churn and burn setup, low and poor client retention rates

Client Success Stories

SEO campaigns with a proven track record of success.

eCommerce Furniture Store

3000+ Products 
130+ Subcategories on Magento 
67.94% increase in organic traffic
135.74% increase in revenue

eCommerce Fashion Store

1700+ products
200+ collections on Shopify
101% increase in organic traffic
250.97% increase in revenue

eCommerce Pet Store

500 products
50 collections on Shopify
135% increase in both organic traffic and revenue
From 12th position to 2nd against key competitors in total organic traffic.
All within less than 12 months

eCommerce High End-Fashion Store

900+ products
40+ collections on Shopify
132% increase in organic revenue
40% increase in organic traffic

Do you want results like this?

On your discovery call with one of our experienced SEO experts, we can tailor individual plans to suit the growth of your business. 

What to expect during the call:

1. The setting of realistic timeframes so desired results can be achieved

2. Competitor analysis

3. Audit of current SEO and identify quick wins

4. Projection of growth

5. Determine if the service is the right fit for you and your business

If for any reason we decide not to move forward together after the discovery call then the worst that will happen is that you get a FREE SEO audit (Usually worth $1250).

Book your call today and claim your limited CRO offer worth $2500

But how will CRO help my e-comm store?

A full CRO audit will identify weaknesses in your funnel and improve your overall conversion rate. Resulting in more revenue or leads with the same amount of traffic.

Our CRO process is as follows:

Part 1: We install our CRO software on the site, which activates heat map, session recording (watching visitors navigate the site), and scroll map, identifying how users navigate the site and ways to improve their journey towards conversion.

Then Part 2, we conduct optimisation research (see below table) and Part 3 summary of recommendations.

Sections Tasks Approximate Time
Part 1: CRO Installation
  • Heatmap Setup
  • Scroll Map Setup
  • Session Recording Setup
1 hour
Part 2: Optimisation Research
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Scroll map analysis
  • Session recording analysis
  • Conversion review
  • Functionality review
  • Expert review matrix analysis
  • Site speed review
  • Competitor review
  • Desktop Review
  • Mobile & Tablet Review
  • Browser Testing
  • Screen Resolution testing
  • Homepage review
  • Category page review
  • Product page review
  • Checkout review
13 hours
Part 3: Recommendations Recommendations from the optimisation research are sorted based on Potential, Importance, and Ease of implementation. 1 hour

Once the audit is completed, split test (a/b testing) experiments can be executed using Google Optimise to test different variations against the current controls and improve the overall conversion rate.

Scroll Map


Session Recordings

Audience Research

We gain a clear picture of your customers, and what compels them to make purchases.

Using a multi-faceted keyword research approach that synthesizes data from site analytics, search and social trends, and local linguistics, our team of search engine optimisation experts identify the best opportunities to expand search engine reach.

We gain a clear picture of your customers, and what compels them to make purchases.

Our audience research solutions includes:

  • Deep data discovery from search patterns
  • Search and social trends
  • Local linguistics
  • CTR and conversion analysis
  • Competitor analysis

On-Page Optimisation

Improve website search rankings by enhancing technical code, images, videos and content.

We know that achieving incremental SEO gains requires an active approach so we consistently review technical site features, site performance and industry trends.

By providing ongoing code and content updates we ensure that we keep our client’s in front of their competitors and ahead of search engine algorithm updates.

Our on-page search optimisation solution includes:

  • Competitive intelligence and site analysis
  • Industry-leading technical code & content
  • Website structural enhancements
  • Indexing and readability optimisations
  • Active optimisation

Off-page Optimisation

Identify key influencers and develop authoritative, relevant and timely links.

Using data insights from search engines, social networks and other media, we identify resources and build content that connect directly to consumer intent, appeals to reputable publishers and popular sites, and strategically aligns with your marketing goals.

Each website and publisher is individually assessed to determine quality and relevancy. Once link partners are carefully vetted, our experts personalize outreach to individual webmasters, editors and publishers.

Our link building solutions includes:

  • Audience targeting and segmentation
  • Data-driven content development
  • Professional outreach
  • Social integration
  • Relationship development

The Challenge

Designer Forum selected Search Insights to improve their stagnant Search Advertising efforts and increase the overall effectiveness of their eCommerce department.

The Execution

Providing an extensive site analysis, Search Insights was able to recommend an optimised code structure to make the website substantially more SEO-friendly, while not impacting user experience.

In addition to on-page SEO strategies, targeted articles were written and placed across relevant fashion and lifestyle websites to curate the Designer Forum offering to prospective customers. These strategies provided a significant benefit to impact Google rankings and deliver highly qualified customer traffic.

A retargeting campaign was developed to complement the traffic driven to the site.

The Result

The eCommerce website has growth into the highest turnover store in the company. The engagement has expanded beyond SEO to include Retargeting & Facebook Advertising, each fuelling incremental sales lifts.