Influencer Agency of Record

Working With an Influencer Agency of Record


Every modern marketing strategy needs to start awareness and get engagement. It’s what drives people to know about a brand and ultimately leads to sales and conversions.

The problem is, it isn’t as driven, successful, or cost-effective. Why? Most brands have many agencies working together on a single campaign.  And sometimes, their goals and direction are not all aligned together. It’s another sad case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

What happens is that sloppy execution, wrong timing, and inconsistent content quality happens.

What can be done?

Surprisingly, it’s straightforward. All these brands or companies have to do is bring on an influencer agency of record (AOR).

What does this mean?

When an influencer agency of record is hired, everything is included in the influencer marketing approach. This includes marketing plans, agency tactics, and everything else in a single package. This gets everything in one place, and it sets an ordered arrangement of action.

Influencer AOR 1

Here are a couple of reasons why your brand or company should do this.

More Continuity

The key here is the consistency of the consumer experience. When a unified influencer marketing effort is made, every deliverable shows a consistent result.

Usually, when different parties are involved, it becomes a waste of money and resources to get everything working together consistently. There is more likely a sense of competition within themselves.

More continuity when working with an AOR

Increased Efficiency

Processes are integrated, so gaps in the marketing system are lessened or non-existent. When there is a single group that coordinates the tactics of influencer marketing, the whole process is streamlined. There is timing, no overlaps, and the quality of content is improved.

Influencer AOR will provide personal relationships

Personal Relationships Lead to Better Content

Since there is no competition even in the campaign because only one group is working out, there is a unity that improves the relationship. This kind of integration helps improve the links within the group.

With a unified approach, everyone can get to the task of creating content that matters. There is no infighting, and it creates the content that is needed for the particular campaign.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

A single team can create new high-performing brand content because they have a sense of focus. This is because there is mobility when there is unity with one side. It is easier for marketers to create tactics that are easily actionable when creating content.

They can also streamline the process to create something unique and compelling.

True Partnership between digital agency & brand

True Partnership

Working with the same agency over a period develops a level of partnership that is hard to duplicate. When an agency partner is familiar with the goals and messages of the client, they can have a feel of how and what to do in a campaign.

That is why an influencer agency of record is one of the things that can help an organisation improve its branding. It looks at the big picture and has a deep understanding of a client’s goals and vision.

For this reason, it is highly suggested that this is done by companies or groups seeking to grow their brand.

Did you learn a lot?

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