New Facebook Overlays

The Holidays are Coming and these New Facebook Overlays can Help You


The holiday season is coming up. Of course, you want to get ready for it. You’ve done a deep dive of your target market. You’ve understood their needs and how you can catch their interests. You’ve already made a plan of attack with your campaign.

The problem is, you’re stuck with the same kind of overlays. – Your audience may find this boring.

So what do you do?

You might ask the designer from your department to make all these things. Too bad for you, he’s swamped with things to do. He can’t focus on your ads.

You might even try looking for an independent contractor or managed resource to do this. But you have no idea if they’re going to make it all work.

Too bad for you. You’re stuck with a plan that uses the same old boring overlays that you used before. What are you going to do now?

We can thank Facebook for giving us something that we can use for the coming holiday marketing plans. You’re going to love it because they made something for Product, Video, and Collection Ads. So let’s get to know them a bit.

Facebook Overlays For Product Ads

For the U.S. crowd you got Thanksgiving coming up right? That always leads to that Black Friday sale.

How about Christmas? Yes, that’s right, everyone is getting ready to do some holiday

And millions, literally millions, can be your potential customers.

You realize that you need something for your ad overlay that fits the season. That’s why Facebook has new templates designed for the coming holiday seasons. And they’re available now!

New Facebook Overlays

With these Facebook overlays, there’s a way to promote your discounted products. And you can do it in a visually appealing way. And the product ads you create could potentially get you the sales that you need.

Video Ad Templates For The Holidays

Video ads are some of the best ways to promote products. After all, it has it all. But sometimes you find it hard to create what you need to corner the market.

Enter Facebook, they’re improving their video creation kit for mobile-first ads. They just introduced it last month. And what they did, it’s going to capture the holiday market.

It’s high time you use this kit to get your video ads up and running. And with Facebook overlays, it’s not really going to be that hard.

Updates to Collection Ads

It’s pretty challenging to organise the products that you sell. And if you’re not careful, they’re destined to sit on the digital “back-shelf”

You’ll be pleasantly surprised. The update that Facebook overlays did to the Collection ads. You now have it easy when it comes to organizing your product list. You can even group them to “Suggested for You” and “Most Viewed”

Facebook Collection Ads Update

This helps making things easier for you and your customers.

What Do You Do Next?

These are the changes that happened in Facebook overlays. And you can use it for a better chance to capture the holiday market.

But think about this, you still have some things to work out with your business processes. And sometimes, it’s going to be a hassle for you. Choosing Facebook overlay, product ads, video ads, and collection ads to use can take up your time.

That’s why we’re here for you. We can get this up and running for you, taking away the hassle that you don’t need in your business during the crazy season.

Just drop us a call or send us an email.

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