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Instagram Advertising Launching In Australia


Instagram has just announced it will be launching ads in Australia and around the world on 30th of September. Leveraging the existing Facebook advertising platform all businesses will be able to access a range of Insatgram ads through the Power Editor, which had previously been invitation only to large budget campaigns. So what does this mean for brands in Australia?

Types Of Ads

Advertisers will have access to three types of ads.

  1. Image Ads – your basic image ad enhanced with a call to action button and promoted to audiences currently available through the Power Editor including custom audiences.
  2.  Video Ads – the now longer 30 second video ads will be available in landscape format.
  3. Carousel Ads – allowing multiple images in carousel format, these are similar to the carousel ads which have been so effective through the Facebook platform over the last year.

Instagram advertising

Types Of Campaigns 

The Instagram advertising platform will be able to support four types of campaign objectives:

  1. Website clicks – driving people from Instagram directly to websites from posts. Previously a user would need to go via the bio link, be redirected the home page and the navigate to the page of interest. Now a post will be able to have a CTA button linking straight the the relevant page.
  2. Video Views – similar to the current video view campaigns available through Facebook.
  3. Mobile App Installs – promoting click to install application actions. This one wont be overly relevant for ecommerce retailers and lead generation.
  4. Mass Awareness – available only through agencies  this Marquee product will allow advertisers to drive mass awareness in short time periods, perfect for product launches or sales events.


Things To Start Planning

There is only a short period of time to get ready for the launch of Instagram Ads. If history repeats itself there may be an early movers advantage of inexpensive and effective campaigns from a platform which is uncrowded. By getting in early while the rest of the digital marketing world catches up the CPC & CPM rates may be very favourable, as was the case when Facebook first launched its ad platform.

  1. Audiences – as Instagram will be leveraging the Facebook Power Editor platform we will be able to utilise the existing advertising audiences. If you have not already its time to set up audiences including remarketing lists, email audience lists, phone number lists as well as curated competitor and related audience lists.
  2. Tracking – one of the main improvements of the Facebook Advertising platform over the last few years has been the level of tracking. Installing key page, add to cart, lead and checkout pixels is essential to make sure that campaigns are optimised for the correct outcomes and that an ROI is achieved.
  3. Relationships – if you don’t already have a relationship with and agency, start one, as some campaigns will  only be available through Sales Partners. Search Insights can of course facilitate this if needed.

All in all its an exciting and much anticipates development. Instagram ads may well be the biggest event to happen in ecommerce digital marketing this year so stay tuned for more as the channel develops.

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