5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Social Media Strategy Is A Real Game Changer


Do you want your brand to stay engaged with your audience? Social media lets you raise brand awareness and keep in touch with your community. In fact, social media content is the leading content marketing tactic, used by 83% of businesses.

From expanding your digital footprint to improving your conversions – social media has changed modern day marketing completely.

While most businesses would spend thousands of dollars to perfect their social media marketing strategies, it’s not a practical thing to do. If you want your business to do great on social media, outsourcing is the best plan of action. It lets you improve your brand visibility while saving you thousands of dollars than working with a full packed in-house team.

Here are 5 reasons you should outsource your social media strategy.


1. Outsourced Resources Have All The Time You Don’t

Let’s face it. You don’t have all the time to supervise your business processes. This is where outsourced resources play a crucial role. They take the load off you while you focus on key operations.

A study conducted by Lithium technologies states that 53% of consumers expect a brand to tweet back in less than an hour. While, failing to respond to these customers would result in 60% of them taking unpleasant actions towards your brand, expressing their dissatisfaction.

But, it wouldn’t be possible for you to respond promptly if you have other business priorities you are attending to.

This is where having a dedicated remote team plays a crucial role.

Your outsourced resource can shorten your response time and handle customer complaints in real time. They can also respond to queries in every social media channel, ensuring satisfactory customer relations. Hiring an outsourced resource to maintain your brand’s presence on social media and streamline customer experience will get you even more rewards in the long run.

In addition, you no longer need to get online courses to be proficient in things you don’t have time for.

With the help of your outsourced talents, you can fully execute a campaign with less supervision.

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2.  You Can Stay Relevant To Market Trends Without Moving A Finger

From creating ad sets, delivering social media calendars, content integration to social media administration – your outsourced resources have prior experiences that can help your business do even better. You wouldn’t even have to interpret analytics yourself, as there are professionals that can specifically do it for you.

89% of B2B Marketers use content marketing strategies. This means that even your biggest competitor is looking for ways to improve their social media strategies. Outsourced resources will help you stay up-to-date with market trends, ensuring your relevance even in the world of social media. This saves you all the time from conducting surveys, observing the market and segmenting your funnels.

It is important to note that 64% of your consumers will make a purchase after viewing a social video from a brand. Having a talented graphic designer or video editor in your team can help you come up with concepts that can attract people to view your video down to the last second.

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3.  You Have Someone That Helps Your Brand ”Connect” To Your Audience

The importance of social media begins with your brand’s ability to establish an emotional connection to your audience. With your outsourced resource helping you define your buyer personas and tailor-fitting your content to it – you get your audience to interact.

More than their ability to preserve your brand’s tone, you can have someone dedicated to specifically understand your audience’s interests and resonate with them.

If you are selling a physical product, it is a must to gear your social media content to your buyers’ ideals. 64% of online shoppers say that a product video published on a brand’s social media channel helps them decide on a product to purchase.

Having a team of outsourced professionals can help you effectively target your buyer’s emotions. Your social media manager will team up with your brand designers and video creators to come up with content that will look enticing to them.

Having a copywriter can help you create engaging content that you can post on your social media channels – drawing interests and improving your conversions.


4. Your Outsourced Resources Preserve Your Brand’s Voice Just Like Your In-House Team Can

Having a remote team that understands your business mindset and preserves your brand voice is a key for your business to resonate to your customers. From creating a content roadmap to carefully plotting your social calendar – remote teams work closely to come up with a strategy that bumps up your business into a higher tier.

Aside from the seasoned talent, your remote workers are skilled at working and adapting to different clients’ brand tones. This lets them become very flexible, eventually fitting in to your brand’s culture and voice just like an in-house team would.

 45% of marketers say that their blog is the lifeline of their content marketing strategy. Your outsourced resource skilled in content production will help you come up with content ideas that hook your audience’s curiosity. With the help of a content manager your team of writers can unify your brand’s voice. Now, you can share your blog posts through social media and increase your traffic.


5. You Get A Wide Array of Skills That Are Paramount To Your Social Media Strategies

Having an adept understanding of tools and platforms, your outsourced resource can handle data and complete reports. They can also set a positive vibe for your online community, adding an appealing sense to your business.

From having stunning graphics posted on Facebook, an update on Instagram, a new video release in YouTube including other engagements from different social media channels –  your business becomes even more visible.

We at Search Insights are dedicated and talented in providing you with skills that will live past your expectations.

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Who knows? Your next social media marketing and management guru might be waiting for you.

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