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Return on ad spend on Google


Return on ad spend for Facebook


ROI for email

The Challenge

After halting operations and Google activity, 121 Group’s team came on board to kickstart Napoleon Perdis’ new brand image, awareness, and sales funnel. Moreover, having rebranded recently, Napoleon Perdis engaged 121 Group’s Paid Social Channel to drive quality traffic and conversions. It was challenging to launch the brand’s marketing activities from scratch amidst limited data and audiences and negative public perception of the brand. Still, the SEM team was up for the challenge.

Napoleon Perdis was also looking at ways to continue growing through an internal transition period. They requested 121 Group’s help to ensure their email communications performed at their optimum and brought in revenue.

The Solution

Starting from a blank slate meant working closely with the Napoleon team to generate a strategy that would achieve all of the brand’s needs. First, the SEM team created a plan for all Google campaign types detailing how these could benefit Napoleon Perdis. Next, we created a detailed consumer funnel. By utilising the wealth of creative design available, we pushed Display and YouTube campaigns first to ‘relaunch’ the brand and communicate key messages. We then made Search and Shopping campaigns to convert bottom-of-funnel users through the strong-performing new product launches and seasonal promotions Napoleon Perdis had planned to run.

The Paid Social Channel crafted a tailored strategy to account for the needs of Napoleon Perdis, with a specific focus on not only conversions but driving new users to the brand’s revitalised image. We adopted a full-funnel approach, which we designed to garner sales year-round and constantly introduce new users to Napoleon Perdis’ online sales funnel. 121 Group also managed the brand’s email coding, workflow management, and list segmentation.

The Result

After six months, the Napoleon Perdis brand had made waves on Google utilising all possible avenues to grow brand presence and online revenue. With the help of YouTube and Display campaigns, Napoleon Perdis saw a dramatic increase in new traffic from the qualified audience: 1.6 million more views/impressions and 13,000 more clicks. The growth ultimately helped Search and Shopping campaigns convert effectively, seeing 600+ new purchases at a highly healthy 8:1 ROAS.

A particular campaign product launch highlighted the success of Napoleon Perdis’s new social strategy. On Paid Social alone, this campaign for Napoleon Perdis’ range of foundations generated 850+ individual conversions whilst maintaining a 14.6: 1 return on ad spend. For email, 121 Group managed to get an ROI of 50:1 throughout the year, encouraging purchases from both campaigns and workflows.

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