Case Study



increase in purchases from social


increase in SEO revenue


improvement in revenue from email

The Challenge

With a solid organic presence across social media channels, FLANNEL reached out to 121 Group to engage the Paid Social Advertising team to begin significantly increasing ROI and translating followers into trackable, confirmed sales.

Meanwhile, the SEO team had two challenges regarding FLANNEL: improving their brick-and-mortar stores’ local visibility and increasing the total number of visits to their E-Commerce site, including collections and product pages.

When 121 Group came on board, FLANNEL’s email strategy needed a significant overhaul. The brand could not track any results from campaigns. In addition, they could not create workflows as the platform did not facilitate on-site tracking.

The Solution

The Paid Social team established conversion tracking, custom audiences, and remarketing catalogues to showcase products to customers most likely to make purchases. In addition, they redirected traffic from Facebook and Instagram directly to the FLANNEL website and entered users into an online sales funnel.

To improve local visibility and increase foot traffic into stores, the SEO team worked with the developer team to create 19 new store pages for every location. They did this by optimising the pages for localised search queries. Other vital SEO actions included optimising new products every month, optimising collection pages, uploading new products to Google My Business profiles, redirecting products (404) to relevant collection pages, and conducting regular SEO technical audit checks. 

For email, the 121 Group immediately shifted the brand to the Klaviyo email platform and connected it with their website’s CMS. Then through a migration plan, we moved all email launches from the first platform into Klaviyo without generating spam. We’ve since developed more technically sound email campaigns and built workflows to support the brand’s digital sales.

The Result

After adopting a comprehensive, full-funnel strategy, the Social team placed FLANNEL’s ads before ‘warm audiences’ (those with the highest intent to convert) and ‘cold audiences’ (those with the highest likelihood of conversion). Phenomenally, YoY (2019 vs 2020), FLANNEL saw a
236.37 per cent increase in ad profit, 209.42 per cent increase in the number of purchases, and a 75.02 per cent increase in return on ad spend.

On the SEO side of things, since all 19 store pages went live, this has driven over 33,000 visitors from Google Search (Febriary 2022). This strategy has dramatically increased foot traffic and visibility for each store. In terms of revenue, SEO revenue has increased by 98 per cent (2019 vs 2021) since we started our program. 

FLANNEL’s email marketing strategy has seen huge improvements. They have gone from being unable to track any email results to bringing in 48.3 per cent of the eCommerce revenue for the 2021 calendar year.

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