Case Study


 increase in revenue YoY

6: 1

ROAS Increased to


Monthly Revenue From Email

The Challenge

Upon auditing and taking over the Esther & Co. Google Ads account, the SEM team faced an unoptimised and poorly structured account averaging a 2:1 ROAS or less. While growth potential was immense, many campaigns performed deceptively well only because they leveraged Esther’s powerful brand presence. The account also had many ad disapprovals, feed issues, and unoptimised creative content that ultimately held it back. The SEM team’s job was to improve the account’s overall profitability and identify and implement new ideas to grow the account over time.

From the social media team, Esther & Co. had historically struggled to maintain profitability whilst scaling their paid advertising for Facebook and Instagram at a rapid rate. As a result, their return on ad spend had dropped, and their profit had decreased at every attempt. Therefore, we needed a reliable, growth-focused Meta marketing partner to elevate the account and business to a new level. As experts in scaling, we accepted the challenge.

121 Group also helped Esther & Co. to build an email marketing strategy beyond campaigns and to include workflows in their approach. The email team also used their graphic design expertise to enhance this process.

The Solution

In the opening week, the SEM team made the difficult decision to pause all branded keywords, which were generating close to 90% of the account’s total revenue. We made this monumental decision due to Esther’s existing organic presence and desire to grow the account healthily. From here, the SEM team improved shopping feed issues and ad-copy issues before rebuilding a consumer funnel. Utilising Google Search, Shopping, and Display to target all stages of the consumer lifecycle allowed us to experiment with campaign types that we had never trialled.

For Social, 121 Group identified significant errors in Esther & Co.’s paid advertising strategies for Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, we ran an ongoing testing cycle to determine top-performing creative content and audiences. The testing cycle clarified our understanding of what was working—and, more importantly, why it was working. With critical areas to scale determined, the social team began their data-driven and profit-focused scaling approach, which consisted of nurturing and converting customers at every aspect of Esther & Co’s online sales funnel. As a result, we mapped out a predictable growth pattern, allowing Esther & Co.’s staff to focus on other vital business areas.

To troubleshoot Esther & Co.’s email marketing campaign strategy, 121 Group designed, built, reviewed, and redesigned over 15 workflows for the brand. We also designed and launched an average of three campaigns per week to ensure customer awareness and purchasing habits.

The Result

After significant restructuring and realignments, the Esther & Co. account saw the average ROAS climb to 6:1 within a few months without relying on branded keywords. New campaigns types, coupled with an ‘always-on’ approach, meant that campaigns were constantly learning and undergoing optimisation. Sticking to this method saw revenue YoY comparisons for specific months increase by over 400 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Paid Social team scaled consistently and profitably, seeing ongoing seven-figure revenue months from Facebook advertising alone. 121 Group elevated Esther & Co. to become one of Australia’s top E-Commerce sites. Facebook advertising was the engine room of the business, converting customers and simultaneously growing traffic to the site, assisting all facets of the business.

Thanks to the email team’s increased workflows, Esther & Co.’s email channel more than tripled its monthly revenue within nine months, according to Google Analytics.

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