Case Study


return on ad spend for SEM

93% YoY

Increase to SEO Revenue

15.7: 1

Facebook ROI

The Challenge

As a brand, By Charlotte had already performed well in the boho jewellery space in Australia. Their weakness was result and growth consistency month-on-month. It was difficult to forecast growth because revenue and ROAS would fluctuate based on months of the year. The SEM team’s challenge was to identify and resolve stability issues using key revenue metrics over a year.

In terms of brand and website visibility, most of By Charlotte’s traffic was current customers searching for branded keywords. The SEO team’s challenge was to rank By Charlotte for non-branded keywords, including ‘earrings’, ‘rings’, ‘hoops’, ‘necklaces’, and ‘Australian jewellery’. We needed to market By Charlotte beyond its current customer base by grouping it with more generic keywords.

By Charlotte engaged 121 Group to effectively utilize the Paid Social channel to convert customers and drive ROI in a highly competitive vertical on Facebook.

The Solution

The SEM team, working closely with the By Charlotte team, implemented an ‘always-on’ strategy, which allowed top-performing campaigns to learn and grow year-round. First, we changed the best-performing Search and Shopping campaigns from season set-up campaigns into campaigns focusing on best-selling products available year-round. We then used other temporary Search, Shopping, and Display campaigns to support ‘always-on’ activity with sale information, new product launches, and seasonal product focuses.

As for the visibility issues, we executed a whole SEO campaign, including a website optimisation campaign whereby we optimised their collections, including metadata and content. We also added value ads (e.g. for Afterpay) to their metadata to improve the click-through rate from the results page. Finally, we executed a high-quality link-building campaign, which included outreaching and contacting fashion and jewellery blogs and pitching and creating content to link back to high commercial collections. 

121 Group worked with By Charlotte to create a full-funnel social advertising strategy, utilising various creative content and messaging that introduced new customers to By Charlotte and re-engaged those who had shown a clear interest in the products or bought with the brand historically. The channel was a crucial touchpoint in breaking through the noise of such a competitive verticle.

The Result

After a year of implementing the ‘always-on’ approach, By Charlotte saw SEM ROAS climb as high as 55:1 throughout 2019 without the sporadic decrease we detected during non-sale months. ‘Always-on’ activity ensured that new traffic was constantly being moved through to the website, resulting in a 114 per cent increase in Impressions and an 89.9 per cent increase in Clicks.

After the SEO associated By Charlotte with generic (rather than branded) keywords, organic traffic became their largest channel in terms of total traffic. This improvement included a 93 per cent increase in year-on-year revenue. In addition, By Charlotte earnt its place in the top three search engine rankings with competitive keywords, including ‘earrings’ and ‘necklaces’, and a large number of non-branded keywords. 

Over two weeks, By Charlotte’s social campaigns, generated 300+ conversions, totalling more than $60k in direct revenue attributed to the advertising. These results averaged a campaign return on investment of 15.7: 1, and some remarketing ad sets peaked at highs of 49.96: 1. As a result, the channel helped elevate By Charlotte’s Christmas sales period and provided a key source of otherwise untapped revenue.

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