Case Study

53 TO 378

Keywords Ranked in the top 3

58 TO 688

Referring Domains


increase YoY in ad profit

The Challenge

In the incredibly competitive space of online women’s fashion, Alamour The Label approached 121 Group looking to expand their international advertising offering via paid advertising for Facebook and Instagram. They also wished to bring their return on investment to a more profitable level.

For search engine optimisation (SEO), Alamour The Label had many high commercial keywords outside the top-10 results, including ‘evening wear’ and ‘formal designer dresses’. In addition to that, Alamour had only 38 keywords in the top 3 and 58 referring domains (links) pointing to the domain. Therefore, SEO’s challenge was to improve Alamour’s total keyword visibility in a highly competitive vertical across their collection and product pages. 

With email, their sole campaign was one workflow through MailChimp with a broken connection, which led to email launches to the incorrect audience. In addition, while sending regular emails to the database through MailChimp, the brand could not track the results with only open and click rates shown.

The Solution

121 Group set up an entire SEO campaign with the initial goal of optimising all collections with the highest traffic potential. This campaign included keyword research, optimised metadata, and content. After optimising the collections, we set up an entire link-building campaign to increase the authority and number of high-quality links to high commercial collections. Our link-building team executed an effective link-building campaign using our extensive network of relationships in the fashion industry. Also, we conducted regular technical audits and checks to ensure the site built on Shopify was technically sound. The team worked with developers to ensure this was the case.

Later down the track, 121 Group’s Paid Social team developed a global advertising campaign to elevate Alamour’s presence within the US, UK, and Australian markets. Adopting a granular, full-funnel campaign structure saw clarity in results that provided clear insight into profitable areas the business could confidently double down on and scale within. To cut through the noise of such a competitive vertical, Creative and Messaging spoke to consumers’ paint points at each stage of the online sales funnel. This process established the ideals of an Alamour customer and why the pieces are such timeless, glamorous items. 

Finally, in terms of email marketing campaigns, 121 Group immediately migrated Alamour’s email campaigning from MailChimp to Klaviyo and set up the whole connection, allowing the brand to track email results and use them to develop campaigns. 121 Group also designed and built the following workflows to tie in with the campaign emails: Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, Post-Purchase, Customer Winback, and Happy Birthday. 

The Result

Alamour The Label has seen a clear and significant increase in its paid social performance through thorough testing and a full-funnel-based strategy. Notably, they achieved a 476.01 per cent increase YoY in ad profit and a 20.97 per cent increase YoY in return on ad spend.

Since 2017, 121 Group has increased Alamour’s total number of keywords in the top 3 from 53 to 378, including 1st for critical commercial keywords. In addition to that, a high-quality link-building campaign increased the total referring domains from 58 to 688, increasing full organic performance and revenue. This outcome made SEO one of their top-performing channels. 

Finally, revenue from the email channel was driven up in Analytics from less than three per cent of the total revenue over six months to nearly 10 per cent in the following six months. In addition, email revenue comes from an already existing database, meaning there was no advertising cost associated with this revenue. As a result, the lack of costs had the run-on effect of a dramatic increase in Alamour’s return on investment for the brand.

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