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Every brand manager (and even their dog) wants their own piece of the prolific Instagram pie. It has become such a huge part of the social media marketing world that not trying to at least use it as an avenue to boost business equates to wasted opportunity.

And we mean BIG opportunity. As of mid-2018, Instagram has racked up a billion active monthly users on their platform. Around 80% of these users follow one business account at the minimum. This obviously presents a potential goldmine for you and your brand—and many other business owners agree. Just look at the numbers: Instagram now has 8 million business profiles and it is host to more than a million monthly advertisers, too.

What makes Instagram so good?

There are many reasons that have made Instagram the marketing ace that it is today. Sure, the dynamism of the platform is great. But in a nutshell, the biggest factor that makes Instagram great for advertising is the very nature of its users. People go to the platform with the intention to connect, discover, and get inspired—the very emotions that are crucial in winning an engaged client base.

Implementing an effective and comprehensive Instagram marketing plan is not easy, and this is where digital marketing wizards like Search Insights comes in. But if you want to get your hands dirty and build your own Instagram marketing knowledge-base, then these courses are perfect for you.

These 15-minute courses are piping-hot—announced by Facebook just a few days ago and are now available on their Blueprint education website. If you want to feel like an apprentice and learn straight from the horse’s mouth, there’s no better way to do it than using resources from Instagram’s owner: Facebook.


  1. Instagram for Business

  2. This e-learning course lets you discover the best practices for when you’re getting started with Instagram marketing. You’ll get guidance on how to create your brand’s presence on the platform. Tips on how to effectively tell your story and showcase your products will also be given.

    Recommended for: Instagram marketing newbies who are delving into the craft for the very first time.

Instagram Stories

  1. Bring Your Business Story to Life with Instagram Stories

  2. According to Instagram internet data, half a billion people use Instagram every day and a whopping 400 million of them use Instagram Stories. Similar to Facebook’s “My Day” feature, it’s a great way to get intimate with an audience. Users flock to Instagram Stories to engage with and discover content they care about. This gives businesses the chance to connect to an audience that’s already engaged and hungry for more content.

    This course will teach you how to take advantage of Instagram Stories to appeal to your audience in an immersive, full-screen format. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand how Stories work, how they can be integrated into your marketing campaign, and how to get insights to help you customize your content to your customers.

    Recommended for: People who are already familiar with classic Instagram marketing through posts and are now looking to focus more on Instagram Stories.

Instagram buying objectives

  1. Instagram Buying Objectives

  2. Instagram is used by marketers for a variety of reasons, such as increasing viewership, driving sales, improving website traffic, and more. This course sheds light on the different business objectives that you can achieve with the help of Instagram. You’ll also learn how to achieve these objectives using the different options they have for ads, such as:

    • Brand Awareness
    • Traffic
    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Video Views
    • Conversions
    • App Installs
    • Product Catalog Sales
    • Store Visits

    Recommended for: People looking to maximize Instagram marketing by focusing on metrics that are relevant to their brand.

These courses are undoubtedly helpful. But just like most of the things that come free, you can’t expect them to be as helpful as detailed and comprehensive marketing lessons.

As mentioned above, these courses are 15-minute short lessons that should warm you up to the world of Instagram marketing. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to build on this foundation in order to secure an effective marketing strategy for Instagram—be it using outsourced help or not.

You can register for Facebook Blueprint here.

Did you learn a lot?

There’s more where that came from!

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