Increase Traffic

9 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Increase Traffic

You’ve probably invested a ton of your hard-earned money into designing a great website, but it all amounts to zip if you’re not getting the traffic you need. Upping web traffic is crucial to growing your business and building your brand awareness, but how does a company do this in our saturated digital market?

These nine ways to increase website traffic will help your brand reach its full potential, maximize your reach and engage more of your current customers. The best part is, most of these are easy, free, and doable for any sized business.

1. Start Advertising

This might be incredibly obvious but take a long hard look at how you’re advertising. Too often, companies aren’t maximizing their paid search, display, and social media advertising and they’re missing out on prime opportunity. Whether you’re looking for more website traffic, more conversion, or more sales, ensure your advertising strategy accurately reflects these goals.

2. Get Social

When it comes to ways to increase website traffic, social media marketing can’t possibly be overstressed. Use as many different channels as you can but use them strategically. For example, Twitter only gives you so many characters, so make them count with short and sweet headlines or links. Instagram is great for showing off your products, and LinkedIn is definitely forgotten about all too often.

Increase Traffic

3. Craft Compelling Headlines

It’s no secret why clickbait works: interesting headlines drive traffic, even if they seem too good to be true or an exaggeration. Spend more time than you think you should to create interesting, thought-provoking article titles and headlines that will compel people to visit your site; in terms of ways to increase website traffic, this one is incredibly easy (and probably something your writer should be doing anyway!).  

4. Optimize for Search

Search engine optimisation is just as relevant as ever, and you could be missing out on easy website traffic by overlooking it. If you’re not sure how to SEO works, get help; it doesn’t take long and it could drastically change how many people find your website by chance.

Increase Traffic

5. Guest Posts

Your content writer should be aggressively writing and courting guest posts. You want guest posts on other reputable, traffic-heavy websites in order to leverage their readership, and you want interesting guests posting on your website and sharing that link to their followers. Beware: your posts need to be catchy, relevant, and well-written to avoid coming across as spammy.

6. Link Internally

Don’t forget to link throughout your website as one of the often-overlooked ways to increase website traffic. This can not only boost your link profile, but also helps create a more interesting, user-friendly experience for website visitors. Linking to interesting past blogs that relate or to relevant products can only help with your sales and your website traffic.

Increase Traffic

7. Be Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, there’s no reason why your website shouldn’t be mobile friendly. Consumers are spending so much time on their smartphones, and you should be leveraging that as one of the ways to increase website traffic. But if they have to constantly resize, zoom in, and squint at their phones to access your content, that’s simply not a great user experience.

8. Be Fast

Not to mention, consumers also don’t want to spend time on clunky, slow websites that don’t function easily. Make sure your website is user-friendly, fast, and logical to ensure you’re maximizing the attention span of consumers—or else they might find a better website to spend their time on.

9. Get Talking

Getting more traffic doesn’t have to be completely behind the scenes. Kick it old school and boost your website’s traffic by putting a face to the name. Whether you’re attending conferences and passing out business cards, speaking at conferences (even better), or hosting interesting, useful webinars that people will share and link back to, the old ways of getting the word out are still just as valid.

You’ve got the knowledge. Now, put it to good use. Contact our SEO experts if you want increase your web presence and bolster your bottom-line.

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