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10 Ways to Attract an Influencer to Represent Your Brand



Off the bat, influencer marketing works because it greatly relies on word of mouth, which we all know has been an effective form of marketing. Influencers have been so effective that almost 80% of marketers have considered investing in this type of marketing in 2018.

The more influencer marketing becomes popular, the harder it is for brands to attract quality influencers to promote their products and/or services. So if your company is planning to work with an influencer, what should you do to engage the right one for your campaign? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Highlight your brand’s beliefs and cause.

Brand-influencer collaborations work well if both parties are aligned with their beliefs and cause. So let your target influencers know what your company stands for so they’ll be attracted to work with you.

Highlight Your Brand's

2. Offer what you can provide to his/her followers.

Influencers love to work with brands that can offer them value for their followers. Of course, your business should also be able to benefit from it. Remember, it’s a two-way street.

3. Look beyond the number of followers.

Many companies make the mistake of exclusively considering the number of followers an influencer has, discounting other important factors like audience demographics. Your brand’s products and/or services should be aligned with the type of people following that influencer.

Look Beyond

4. Get to know the influencer’s personal philosophy.

Research and understand the influencer’s personal beliefs and philosophy—once you do this, you can use the things you know in your advantage. You can easily engage with an influencer because you know what he/she wants and believes.

Get to know the Influencer's

5. Plan an extensive campaign.

According to Brett Farmiloe of Markitors, influencer campaigns work better if there is a tier system. “For example, Level 1: work on a social post together. Level 2: work on a blog post together. Level 3: work on affiliate revenue. Viewing these opportunities as a long-term relationship is a win-win for all,” he shares.

Plan an Extensive Campaign

6. Establish that you care about their brand.

Let the influencer know that you care about their brand and passion. Build a relationship with him/her early on. It is important that the influencer wouldn’t feel that you are just using him/her because of his/her following and reach.

7. Engage like a journalist.

Don’t send generic messages to influencers. To get an influencer’s attention, make sure that you did your research beforehand. Research the influencer’s brand to tailor the best approach. The more you know, the more leverage you have communication-wise.

8. Follow them.

Not just online but in person. Check the influencer’s schedule and try to attend his/her talk (if there are any)—prove to him/her that you there to support. You can easily build a relationship with that influencer when he/she can personally see you. Familiarity builds trust.

9. Let them know that you believe in what they do.

Jonathan Nelson of Modern Promos says it best: “. They may not have a fancy degree or certification on the topic at hand, but they live in a world that your brand would like to understand and interact with in an authentic way, so in that sense, they are the expert.”

10. Effectively manage their expectations.

Be clear from the get-go. When the influencer asks you what you need from him/her, be clear, be concise. Provide all the details, from the time of the posting to the words to be used in the post. Be easy to work with so that the influencer will not hesitate in working with you again.

Finding an influencer is easy as there hundreds of them, but attracting the one that perfectly speaks for your brand is another story. Follow the tips above and you’ll have better chances of partnering with someone who can boost your brand’s image.



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